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#98: Lame Monsters
January 21, 2015 04:19 PM PST
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Jason and Nolahn don't often cover movies directed by acclaimed writers/directors but this was a movie that's been on their radars for years and with the Directors Cut finally released, they had to take a look and see what the big deal is about "Nightbreed", written and directed by Clive Barker.

They also Come Clean about who their favorite Master of Horror is and plug all kinds of things from appearances to books to....story slams?

#97: The Tournament of the Unwanted 3: Tournament With A Vengence
January 14, 2015 06:36 PM PST
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It's Tournament TIME!! Jason and Nolahn bring on the top three people from The Game of the Unwanted 2014 to go head-to-head-to-head in an epic showdown to see who will be crowned the champion!! The three combatants are: Dylan Fields, Dan Heaton, and Clint Worthington.

#96: The Honeywell And His Pals
December 29, 2014 04:45 PM PST
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For the final episode of 2014 and to wrap up Season 5 (!), Jason and Nolahn welcome Steve Honeywell from 1001plus to discuss a movie that's pretty hard to describe. But they're going to try. Speaking of trying, Steve is also going to try to make it into The Tournament of the Unwanted by playing The Game of the Unwanted. Will he succeed? Or will he be left behind? See you guys next year!!

#95: Let's Do The Time Warp
December 14, 2014 02:42 PM PST
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Jason and Nolahn decide to get their geek on with this episode by Coming Clean about favorite time travel devices used in movies and TV's.

Then it's time to revisit the 80's in this Full Moon Pictures time travel CLASSIC "Trancers", featuring a young and hot Helen Hunt.

#94: Jack Frost: The Killer Snowman One
November 28, 2014 05:53 AM PST
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Recorded LIVE in a Black Friday line at Best Buy, Jason and Nolahn welcome Dylan Fields, long time friend of the show, to discuss "Jack Frost". We'll let you figure out which one.

Also, Dylan takes on The Game of the Unwanted and Jason, as always, is awesome at math. (Stay tuned to after the show to hear a bonus clip.)

#93: Talking Turkey
November 11, 2014 05:15 PM PST
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It's almost that special time in which we give thanks for the things we cherish the most and really appreciate everything in our lives. That's right, Jason's court day is coming up. Before that, he and Nolahn Come Clean about different types of half man/half whatever monsters and discuss the cult classic "Blood Freak" about a-well, we'll just let you discover that yourself.

#92: Blob-tastic Month Ver. 2.0
October 31, 2014 08:32 AM PDT
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To finish up Blob Month here at The Lair, Jason and Nolahn welcome Clint from to discuss the 1998 remake "The Blob" starring Kevin Dillion and some 80's cheese.

Clint makes a special drink for the episode so listen for directions and we welcome you to drink along as we discuss the finer points of the film.

Then stay tuned as Clint takes on The Game of the Unwanted. And as always, Happy Halloween!

#91: Blob-tastic Month Ver. 1.0
October 13, 2014 09:21 AM PDT
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If you can't tell by the title, or the fact Jason repeats it 20 times during the episode, it's Blob Month on The Lair!!! To kick things off, Jason and Nolahn take on the classic 1950's film "The Blob" starring the one and only Steve McQueen!!

Also included, free of charge, an epic Come Clean about remakes, a podcast recommendation, and sort of a book recommendation. Where else can you get such glowing praise?

#90: Go Go Death Racer Go!
September 28, 2014 10:22 AM PDT
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It's time to hit the road as Jason and Nolahn discuss the ultimate cult classic "Death Race 2000" with special guest Chris R from Then Chris races through The Game of the Unwanted. Is he victorious or does he crash and burn?