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#139: Tonight's Episode: Abra-kaDEATH!!
October 18, 2016 03:04 PM PDT
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A few weeks ago (as of this upload), the world lost a talented, very much well respected director with a great vision. Well....he didn't get a whole lot of respect. And you could say he wasn't very talented. And his shots weren't always that great so his vision probably sucked. Ok, he was a director.

Anyway, in honor of the passing of Hershell Gordon Lewis, the Godfather of gore, Jason and Nolahn are going to be doing two of his more "famous" movies this month, starting off with "The Wizard of Gore", about a magician who...oh just listen to the episode.

They also Come Clean about their best movies to watch on Halloween.

#138: Alien Beach Ball Blanket Bingo!
September 27, 2016 03:11 PM PDT
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Jason and Nolahn welcome Andrew from The Stop Button to talk about John Carpenter's first film ever "Dark Star", which is sort of like a parody of "Alien" before "Alien" existed. It's...a bit weird.

Then Andrew takes on The Game of the Unwanted. Will he soar to new heights or will he deflate like a beach ball?

#137: Space Literature...IN SPACE!!!
September 21, 2016 03:40 PM PDT
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After nearly dying half a dozen times, Jason is finally able to record this episode with Nolahn. He explains all the crazy shit that's happened to him, and Nolahn plugs a guest stint on another show.

Then they Come Clean about which actor or movie character would they like to be stranded in space with, respond to a long overdue email, and finally talk about "Robinson Crusoe On Mars", featuring ADAM WEST!! (Don't get too excited.)

#136: Hammer Time!
August 30, 2016 06:15 PM PDT
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Jason and Nolahn welcome back Kai Parker to the podcasting world after a 2 year hiatus. Kai talks about the return of his show The MILFcast and what he's been up to while he was gone.

Then they discuss the Shaquille O'Neal CLASSIC "Steel", which is, uh, a movie.

Then Kai gives the most memorable run at The Game of the Unwanted that has ever been recorded.

#135: The Ghost That Bores
August 17, 2016 03:40 PM PDT
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BEFORE READING THE SHOWS DESCRIPTION, CLICK ON THIS LINK AND THROW ALL YOUR MONEY AT IT! IT IS AWESOME AND GREAT AND AWESOME! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deviousdevices/sharknadotm-the-board-game?ref=user_menu

Ok, back to the description. Jason and Nolahn are having an unofficial theme month with disappointing superheroes, first up being "The Phantom" from 1996. They Come Clean about their own superhero and then remind you guys about the contest that's going on!